Floor refinishing

It starts with a thorough evaluation of your wood floor. We evaluate for the service life of the floor. A plan is developed to sand and finish and create the look you want for your floor. 



In the first step we remove all old finish or sand the new flooring flat. The edges are seamless, but the grain is still too coarsely sanded for finishing.  



After we sand your wood floor we will fill the floor. We use a variety of filling methods to ensure the filler blends with the color of the material. The filler is then removed by sanding. 


finish sanding

In the final steps of your floor, we do multiple sanding steps using finer grit sanding papers. This removes scratches and allows the finish to flow evenly across the floor.  



Experience steps to the plate when it comes time to apply a wood floor coating. This methodical process requires absolutely clean working environments. During this time, Hall’s Hardwood Flooring will be the only party on site to ensure clean conditions. 


Floor Sanding Services

floor refinishing

We offer a variety off refinishing options for clients. This includes low VOC finish options to ensure timely project completion. We have experience with restoration in older homes as well. 



We clean wood floors and apply new finish coats. This services is available to all of our existing clients. For new clients, we test for finish adhesion and compatibility with your previous cleaning products.