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We realize that choosing a wood floor can be difficult given the myriad of options. Too often material price leads the way for flooring budgets. However, project preparation and execution need to be a bigger part of the discussion. We explain the entire process so that your hardwoods remain beautiful for years.


wood floor installation


Unlike many materials inside a home, wood flooring is affected by the living environment. No matter where you live, the relative humidity inside a home must be maintained within 30-50% to prevent issues with your floor. Before we begin planning timelines for your installation, we evaluate moisture conditions around your home.

Wood flooring is available in two general configurations: engineered or solid. Although engineered flooring can have increased dimensional stability, it also varies in service life. Solid wood flooring requires methodical project planning, but has a long service life and good value. 

We have experience working with builders and remodeling contractors. Coordination of schedules and teamwork to build a great floor is our primary goal. At Hall’s Hardwood, we have the communication and experience to integrate with your project.

An essential part of our process is planning and preparation. At our company, we make sure that all subfloors are flat and leveled. We take extra steps to ensure this happens before any flooring is installed. Afterwards, we take measures to install a moisture barrier to prevent issues resulting from seasonal changes in weather. 

Individualizing your wood floors goes well beyond color, board width, and species. Making a few changes to the direction or pattern of a floor imparts a more unique style to your home. Speak with us about your ideas or let us propose a few innovative looks.

long term beauty

This floor is a solid white oak floor that we installed in the triad region. The floor was sanded and finished on-site and protected with a two component waterborne finish. 

The majority of the flooring is installed in a “straight-lay” pattern. However, in the foyer we decided on a patterned layout bounded by a walnut feature strip. 

The look adds a distinct feel to the home as guests enter. This foyer is adjacent to the formal dining room of the home. 


Acclimation is the process of balancing the internal moisture of a wood floor to the home environment. Acclimation generally needs to occur in the area of future installation.

To begin acclimation, we take a baseline moisture reading of the flooring to be installed. We allow the flooring to rest while it decreases or increases in moisture content to be compatible with the manufacturer’s requirements. 


“Installation constitutes acceptance”

As the installer we must be accurate in the following:


  • Job-site conditions
  • Material suitability
  • Labor performed 

When we install a new wood floor we ensure that the boards remain in place for years. This means using adhesives and maintaining proper nailing patterns. 




Final quality of a floor lies within outer appearance. A quality floor should be sanded flat, have an even color, and even sheen. 

We sand our wood floors with flatness as the standard. This means no funny machine marks, stain swirls, or chunks of dust in the finish. 

We apply our finish coats to yield long term durability. Afterwards, we ensure you know how to maintain your new floor when we conclude. 



Our Promise

We install floors with a quality standard that matches our reputation in the community. 




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