how to plan


creating a durable wood floor


Our expertise is job-site sanded and finished hardwood floors. Site finishing of wood floors makes a home truly beautiful and floors seamless. Although labor intensive, this procedure renders a completely flat and sealed contiguous wood surface that should last for years.

Professionals have to understand everything from finish application rates to proper cure times and adhesion principles related to floor sanding sequences.

hardwood floors

General considerations




Choosing a finish

We use a variety of brands and types of flooring finish. Finish determines the durability and reflective properties of a wood floor. 



Color selection

Identifying a floor color is a necessary step for some projects. We can make recommendations and encourage advance planning. 




Acclimation of flooring, nailing, and maintenance. No matter the product choice, the living environment of a wood floor is critical. 



grade and species

Wood flooring is sorted into various grades and lengths. Hardness, grain pattern, and natural color varies between wood species.

Methodical and efficient

Despite what TV commercials and DIY Network have professed, wood flooring should not be an afterthought. We have provided a short pictorial about what we provide with our wood flooring installation projects.  



It all begins by getting the canvas ready. Before we install any wood floor, we flatten the subfloor. This also ensures that adhesives will bond and better secure the floor. 



Cupped wood floors are the result of a moisture imbalance in the boards. Typically, excess moisture absorbs into flooring from the underside (crawlspace) of the home. To mitigate the problem, we seal our subfloors with a manufacturer approved moisture barrier. 


Floors that are installed using nails require a specific recurring distance between the fasteners. Nailing a floor happens nail by nail, board by board… Sometimes when contractors get in a hurry they forget this. We make sure to read and follow installation instructions so you don’t have any future issues with our workmanship.


Hardwood floors that are 4″ or wider are generally required to be glued and nailed. Applying a proper adhesive designed for wood flooring is key. 


We have a few simple rules for a long lasting floor:

  1. Groom your pets’ nails
  2. Use walk-off mats at the doorways
  3. Vacuum and clean dirt and debris regularly. 
  4. Use a PROPER cleaner for your floor. 


Investment or cost

Research your flooring project with the same enthusiasm you would have in buying a car.